Which sport to bet on?

Which sport to bet on?

In this article, we suggest you take the path of least resistance and find out what sports are most suitable for beginners to bet on? It’s no secret that with the development of the internet, casinos and betting have literally been reborn. A huge number of those people who previously couldn’t make it to land-based betting sites have found an unexpected opportunity to make good money betting right from home, using their computer or mobile phone.

This article will be very relevant to newbies who are new to the bookmaker’s site and are familiar with the variety of offers.

Selection criteria

For those who want to “make a quick buck”, the bad news is that in today’s betting there are simply no easy sports. It requires a knack for analyzing statistics, you will need diligence, attentiveness, numeracy, and a willingness to process large amounts of data, including team history as well as players. If you do not have any experience, and all the data about the championships you have received only in the news – then betting for you will be something like a casino, and if you will win, it will be only by chance.

So, it makes sense from two sports, one of which is more profitable (but you do not understand anything about it), and the second is not so profitable, but your favorite and you are almost an expert in it – choose the second sport, without even thinking.

So, you need to bet on your favourite sport, in which case your total number of successful bets will only increase.

The three most popular sports today are: hockey, football and tennis. The advantages, as they say, are obvious – a huge number of different offers, as well as a wide range of bets.

Accordingly, bookmakers, in response to market demand, focus on these sports. Betting on sports which are not that popular is also possible, but you have to know the ins and outs of particular tournaments and competitions. Knowing the game and the different terms, you will be able to find bets with better odds.

Don’t forget about the margin, as the bookmaker will fix it in any case, and it will differ depending on the sport you select. On our website, you can find a complete list of bookmakers, where we detail all the features, including the margins.

Advice for bettors who will be betting on an unpopular sport. You will need access to such information:

Foreign sports resources (where the information is fresher and more up to date).
Access to live match broadcasts.
Archives of bookmaker’s stats data.
Remember, the more you analyse and the more accurate the data you get, the more you will be able to increase your own bets on accurate predictions.

A little bit of specifics

Football betting is hugely popular at this stage, and therefore there is a variety of bets to choose from. You can bet on the number of red cards a player has received, their removal from the field, the total score, or the score for a given half. The experts are convinced that analysing football is easier than any other sport, but there are also surprises.

Hockey does not boast the same level of openness as football. As the season is long and the game schedule is very tight, it is not uncommon for teams to change their roster completely. It is not possible to know in advance which player will be in attendance.

Volleyball and basketball. This sport would not be interesting for bettors, who do not bet for fun, but to make money, if it were not for handicaps. In some cases the handicaps are set by the bookmaker, but in some cases they can be made by the player.

Other popular markets

If you are going to bet with foreign bookmakers, study the peculiarities of baseball. The sport is totally undemanding in Russia, but things are fundamentally different abroad. It is important to find channels of information and be prepared for the fact that they may be foreign.

Tennis. Here it is not about the team but the athlete. You need to build up your pool of players who you find the most interesting. A very big influence on the outcome has the qualifications that the coach has, the personal condition of the athlete.

Note that even subtleties such as court surface are important here – someone shows the best game on hard court, someone feels better on clay. Betting can also be done not only on outcomes – mistakes of athletes, sets, games.


It is still a long way to the moment, when you will start earning good money at betting offices. You need to understand the nuances and peculiarities of your chosen sport, you need to be able to plan, predict, and react to changes. This is the key to your success, which, as you know, doesn’t come at once.