Understanding Key Football Betting Markets

Understanding Key Football Betting Markets

Beyond just picking match winners, football betting offers a huge variety of creative markets to wager on. This article will explain the most popular football betting markets including match winner, correct score, both teams to score, handicaps, and totals, to give you a full toolkit to bet on any game.

Match Winner

The most straightforward bet, wagering on the match result after 90 minutes (plus injury time):

  • Win – Bet on a specific team to win
  • Draw – Bet on the match ending level
  • Loss – The opposing team wins

This basic market underpins all football betting. Favourites feature shorter winning odds, underdogs longer odds.

Correct Score

Predict the exact final scoreline at the end of the match:

  • Scores like 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.
  • Typically pays out at higher odds than match winner bets.
  • Allows betting on low-scoring or high-scoring affairs.

Rewarding but tougher with the exact score required. Offers big payouts.

Both Teams to Score

Wager on whether both teams will score a goal in the match:

  • Yes – Both teams score at least one goal each.
  • No – Either team fails to score.

Fun market on an unambiguous result. Provides added excitement.


Betting on match results with virtual advantages or disadvantages given prior to kickoff:

  • +1/+2 Goal Handicap – Underdog given 1 or 2 goal head start.
  • -1/-2 Goal Handicap – Favourite must exceed a 1 or 2 goal handicap to win.

Allows betting on mismatches at more even odds.


Predict whether the combined goals scored finishes over or under a set line:

  • 2.5 Goals – Must have 3 or more goals to beat the line.
  • Under 2.5 Goals – No more than 2 goals scored.

Fun low-risk bet. Lets you predict high or low-scoring games.

Approach each market analytically to gain an edge. Combining markets together into accumulators can further increase profit potential. Expand your football betting arsenal by mastering these popular betting markets.