Effective soccer betting strategies: top 3 working schemes

Effective soccer betting strategies: top 3 working schemes

In soccer betting strategies are used quite often. There is a wide range of varieties of tactics both in play and pre-match. The use of schemes helps to significantly increase the probability of winning.

Among soccer betting strategies, there are more effective and ineffective ones. The latter, as a rule, are characterized by ease of application, suitable for beginners. Such systems are often aimed at preventing a newbie bettor from quickly going broke. Efficient tactics are more suitable for experienced betting enthusiasts. A separate place is given to win-win strategies for soccer betting.

The “forks” tactic in betting

This scheme is considered a complete win-win. Its essence is to find the outcomes offered by different bookmakers, which will bring profit regardless of the outcome of the event.

Let’s take the situation when Bookmaker 1 gives 2.08 odds for ТМ 3.5 and Bookmaker 2 gives 2.04 odds for ТМ 3.5. Let’s take a bettor betting 100$ on each of the outcomes. The amount spent will be 200 units. Possible results of the “fork”:

  • Betting TB 3.5 played, the profit will be (2.08×100-200)=8 units;
  • bet TM 3.5 passed, the dividend size will be (2.05×100-200)=5 c.u.
  • bet was canceled due to the discovery of a “fork” – a return of the betting funds.

When betting on soccer strategy “forks” requires a large bank for substantial dividends. To facilitate the search for suitable outcomes, you can use “fork” online search engines. It is important to remember that bookmakers can block the accounts of forked players for using this strategy.

Catch-up (Martingale) tactics

This type of profitable sports betting strategies involves tracking lingering trends in the current tournament. For an example, you can take the APL table for the 20/21 season.

From the tournament list we can distinguish 2 clubs with a winning streak – Arsenal and Liverpool. Let’s assume the season went on. Then it would be worth to bet on the loss of these teams. And the tactic of catch-up implies betting until victory with doubling the stakes after each loss. For example, if the deal was not played 100 units, the next time you should bet 200 units. When betting on soccer, the catch-up strategy covers all the money lost with each successive round.  

Features of the bailout systems

This type of profitable tactics is characterized by a minimum risk of loss. The essence is to find bets with undervalued quotes. For example, a betting company gives odds of 1.62 for the triumph of Team 1 in a match against Team 2. The bettor believes that the probability is underestimated, and the actual quote should be 1.32 (probability of winning – 100/1.32 = 76%).

After that, it is necessary to check the valuation of the bet – 1.62×0.76=1.23>1. Betting the valuables, at a long distance will bring (1.23-1)*100-23% income. When betting on soccer the strategy of searching for the easy outcomes almost always gives a good increase in income.

What do I need to know about “sure bets”?

There are also varieties of bets made only on the basis of the analysis of the match made by the bettor. Such stakes will work if the betting game is played by an experienced betting amateur.

In a simplified version, this type of betting is used when there is a clear favorite in the match. For example, we can take the meeting of Liverpool FC, one of the top three in the APL table, and the Fulham club, which is on the verge of relegation. In this case, we can safely bet on the “red”.