Basketball betting strategy by quarters: varieties, tips

Basketball betting strategy by quarters: varieties, tips

Basketball is one of the most common sports on the planet and is one of the ten most popular disciplines. Every year, about 825 million fans watch their favorites’ games.

Most fans support their favorite basketball players with bets. Often bettors are unable to contain their emotions while watching the game. Because of this, bets are often lost. In order not to succumb to emotional outbursts, betting enthusiasts are advised to follow certain betting tactics. One of the most effective systems in basketball is considered to be the strategy of betting by quarters.

Keep in mind that FIBA and NBA basketball rules are different. In FIBA, the period lasts 12 minutes, while according to NBA regulations, it lasts 10 minutes. The three-point boundary of the American Association halls is farther away. For removal of a player in the game by NBA rules need to accumulate 6 fouls, according to FIBA rules – 5.

Basic Basketball Rules to Consider in Betting

Barring relatively minor differences, the statutes of the NBA and FIBA associations are almost identical:

Matches are played by teams of five basketball players plus substitutes. The number of substitutions during a game is unlimited.
The confrontation is divided into four quarters. If at the end of the last period the score is tied, overtime (or several overtimes) is played.
Scored goals are evaluated depending on the distance, type of shot. One point is awarded for a successful free throw. A shot from the two-point zone is evaluated by 2 points. The ball, thrown from farther away, is worth 3 points.
Within the NBA Championship, teams have 82 meetings each. European ones have the same frequency of games, taking into account international tournament confrontations and national leagues.

What factors are taken into account when analyzing upcoming meetings?

For the correct application of the betting strategy by quarters in basketball, it is necessary to perform a preliminary analysis of the planned confrontation. When predicting the outcome, they take into account:

The position of the teams in the competitive table.
Statistics of previous meetings of these participants. With this information you can roughly establish what to expect from the game.
The ratio of wins to losses on the road and at home. This kind of data helps to assess the probability of triumph of clubs as guests or hosts.
The results of the last 5-10 games. Here you should take into account the level of your opponents.
Also, one should take into account the information about the condition of the key basketball players, the increase/decrease of financing. The motivation of basketball clubs is also considered to be an important factor (for example, if a club is fighting for a playoff spot, you should expect it to be on the floor).

Indirect parameters to evaluate a basketball game include the individual aspirations of the key players in the squad (e.g., the race for rewards, personal dislike of the opponent), the current atmosphere in the team.

Underdog betting by quarters

In principle, the tactic is very similar to the long-goal. The bottom line is that the bettor needs to bet on the outsider’s triumph in the quarter, until the con is played. According to statistics from the KBA, VTB and NBA leagues, the weaker teams win at least 1 quarter in 85% of meetings, so the system of betting by quarters can be effectively applied on a regular basis. Recommendations for using the tactic:

If there is a clearly expressed probable winner, it is better to skip the match. This applies to oppositions with odds on the underdog’s triumph of 7…8 or higher.
If the favorite has key players who are injured and the basketball players of the conditionally weaker opponent are in a good shape it is not recommended to make a bet.
It is necessary to take into account the style of play of the participants and the presence of undisputed leaders. For example, the Chicago Bulls in the season 1985/1986 barely made it to the final stages of basketball championship because of an injury to the genius Michael Jordan around whom the game was built.

In this tactic it is recommended to take into account events with odds not lower than 1.8. Losing stakes should be increased by 2 times. It is possible to bet on total or individual totals. As an example we can take the confrontation between the Lakers and the Seven Seakers (26.03.2021).

Odds on ТМ 50,5 – 1,95, stake – 100 euros. The first segment of the game ended with a total score of 51 – the bet was not played. In the second and third quarters the total amount of points was 57 and 52 respectively, betting was 200 and 400 euros.

When using the tactic of betting by quarters it is necessary to allocate the bankroll correctly. It should be expected that the bets for 3 quarters in a row will not be played. Stable income with such a strategy is possible if you have a significant bankroll and select a league for betting on basketball totals.

What do I need to remember when applying quarter strategy systems?

None of the tactics described are guaranteed to win. Each method has a roughly equal probability of winning, as well as a risk of losing money. It is recommended to combine the application of these strategies with a detailed analysis of upcoming games.