About betting for beginners – how do I make my first money?

About betting for beginners - how do I make my first money?

To summarise the essence of this article – here we will touch upon the main issues that, one way or another, may cause a beginner bettor any difficulty or concern. Let us try to avoid classical topics, which have been considered from all sides for a long time, as well as we will not focus on questions, which everybody understands. So, we’re not looking at how to win – we’re going to look at options that will allow you not to lose at betting.


Illiteracy or, as it stands, elimination of illiteracy in the world of betting is very important. Betting – what is it from your point of view, what do you see yourself as in this field. A lot of people come to earn money, but not everyone has a clear idea of what exactly they are going to do and what they are going to do.

It is an interesting fact that current statistics show that very few bettors manage to beat a bookmaker’s office over a long period of time. This is not surprising, because otherwise the betting business would not be so profitable.

Initially, it may seem that there are no problems at all – all you need to do is to push the buttons in time, choose the profitable odds and remember to buy a shovel to rake in the money.

Where does the journey begin?

Of course, any of us can hit a period where we have an overwhelming desire to bet a big hand of money on a big hand to crack the jackpot. Most punters start their first steps in the world of betting by taking a sum of money and then placing a blind bet on the favourites, disregarding statistics.

As a rule, it does not lead to anything good, apart from occasional and purely symbolic winnings. Deposits pour out one by one, and the most important thing is not to be disappointed in betting, but to try to figure it out. So what can be done to win and get into the black?

One of the key problems beginners face is financial illiteracy and banal greed, the desire for quick profits. No one thinks too much about the size of the bet – you freely bet at least 20% of all the money you have (if not more). And just 2 losses give -40% of the entire bankroll.

Mastering the strategies

The first pancake is known to be always a bit tricky, and the next step for newbie bettors is no exception. They begin to actively master all sorts of strategies, including Martingale, Kelly, and Miller. Everything would be fine, but very few people adhere to the proportions stated here, boldly exposing not 1-2%, but 10-15% at once. Lack of knowledge of bankroll management takes a toll on your money.

Another issue with which there are problems is the type of sport. Few people follow the common truth – bet on what you know. So instead of handball, where you have the right knowledge, you start betting on the more popular football or hockey. And if we do not forget that betting is, above all, a routine, which will require constant analysis of the lines, this strategy does not lead to anything good.

So, let’s highlight the main points.

  1. Choose the sports that you really like.
  2. Make your choice yourself, don’t be guided by the opinion of other people.
  3. Gain experience, don’t be greedy at the start, trying to get more than you really can.

About strategies and add-ons

There is no point in using all sorts of popular strategies such as Martingale, Dalembert and a host of others to make consistent money. They can only be used to spice up your leisure time, if you are only betting for fun. You might have a few wins, but you’ll end up losing money in the long run.

The next point is the catch-up. There’s only one tip here – take a coin and flip it up a few dozen times, recording the results. You’ll notice that a roll of, say, 5 eagles in a row is completely spontaneous and unexpected, regardless of past results.

On the subject of greed. Quite often, beginners aim to win at big odds. That’s where betting on exact scores, unbelievable odds and more are born. Yes, of course, sooner or later it may work out and you might actually win, but stability is out of the question. The important thing to remember here is a simple saying – even if the clock is broken, 2 times a day it will tell the right time.

By the way, a few words on expresses. There’s a perception that there’s no point in betting on them at all, but that’s fundamentally wrong if you take the right approach. Can you really predict totals, or can you spot hopeful underdogs? You have to try, you have to test, but, at the same time, you have to keep the money in mind.

Prediction of the day

Just always remember, picking a prediction of the day can be like flipping a coin. In a given timeframe you should get a consistently good Tails reading, and so the forecast for the day is quite good plus, but very soon it will be in the red, simply because you cannot always go on heads or tails.

Indeed, no one in our world is capable of predicting the future and making an effective forecast that guarantees a prescribed outcome with 100% probability.